Multiple books (projects) to sync into a single timeline

I’m a novelist who uses AT3 to keep track of many, many books in a series, all in one Timeline, often with story arcs that carry from one book to another. I’ve been hand-coding all of these into series-based Timelines with varying degrees of accuracy and success, but having finally learned how to actually sync events/times/characters/etc on a granular level with Scrivener/AT3, I was surprised to discover that I can’t gracefully sync multiple books with continuing story arcs into one Timeline!

I understand the backward sync part could be a problem, but realistically, once a book is done, most writers aren’t going to need to re-sync it back into the timeline. It’s the ability to add more, and for story arcs to continue the same way characters do, that would be incredibly helpful.

I know a number of writers personally that this would be game-changing for, and would be very excited to see this feature implemented. :slight_smile:

I would like to second this request. This was mostly the point for my use of a timeline to span the decades that my book series covers from the 40’s up until the early 90s. Saying that, we also would run into the problem where characters exist in several stories so having more freedom and flexibility when choosing which files to sync would be appreciated.

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