Multiple Calendars

I am wondering if adding this is on the to-do list?

I recall on the beta, this was something that was considered but something for post-launch.

I would really like to see a multiple calendar feature. I use Aeon Timeline to track the timelines of the multiverse I’ve been writing as a hobby. While I have a universal calendar to keep them on track, it would be nice to see them in their unique calendar.

Also for a real life application, I’m sure people who use the app to track historical timelines would appreciate being able to see the timeline in different calendars and compare (such as lunar calendar vs. Gregorian calendar)

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And a double date function for historical data, when the world switched from Julian to Gregorian calender differ from different places in the world…

I agree that it would be nice for many historical projects to be able to set different calendars for different items/objects in a project, but in addition it would be needed to be able to record the period when the switch was… i.e. Sweden changed the calendar on a different date than some other countries.

There was also different years for when different countries started to use January 1st as the first day of the year…

So some historical project might even need three of four different calendars for the same geographical area (luckily I’m not there… yet :rofl:)


Yeah I’m still waiting for this, it won’t be worth it for me to update unless this becomes a feature. Hope it is implemented some time in the future

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I’m also waiting for this…similar topic as @ErsatzLord. I have a single planet with various calendars depending on race region. A day is a day in each calendar, but the month names and durations and holidays are different, as well as the year labeling. [similar to Gregorian versus Chinese, for example]. Lack of this feature really limits full use of AT, so fingers crossed that others give a thumbs up for this feature.

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I would like to have a long timeline for an entire series of books, linked to shorter timelines in each book (each a separate scrivener project). That would be perfect!

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I would like this feature as well, though I know it may be complicated to have this kind of fluidity. My next book (should I live so long) will be set in mid-seventeenth-century England during a time when they switched from one calendar to another, different from other parts of Europe . My current book is set in the future with a calendar based on solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter dates. It’s not perfect (doesn’t account for the constant wobble of it all), but “close enough.” Then, because I want the presence/location of the sun and moon to be internally accurate, I’ve created an excel document where I can chart the book’s (future) dates against a set of actual dates (start year was randomly chosen). When I need to know where the sun and moon are, I go through a fairly fussy process involving the internet, my excel chart, and then finally Aeon. Two calendars that could relate to each other would allow me to skip one of these steps.

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I could also use this. I’m working on a Mars mission and being able to flip between sols and days would be incredibly helpful for planning.

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I also am in need for such an feature. In my case I am developing a space opera for years now and do need at least three - better more - different calendars paralleling each other:

  1. Mankind as we know it
  2. Main antagonistic race
  3. Some kind of unified calendar construct based on octal number system

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