Narrative Structure nesting (with Scrivener)

I am using a Part/Chapter/Scene structure. All is well for Part 1 in the Narrative but Part 2 changes. In settings the Part, Chapter, Scene all have checked boxes for “Folders” and “Other Types” but no matter how many variations of settings I select Part 2 onward never is right.

Part 1 and all its Chapters are folders. Scenes within Chapters are Events.
Beginning with Part 2 all the Chapters are Events and Scenes within are Events.
Best I can tell when I checked specific events is they are set to Automatic section type.
I have Track Independent Narrative and Book/Continuous Style selected.
My chapters in Scrivener are documents that hold Scene sub-documents.

What am I doing wrong or how is my understanding wrong?

When you are syncing your Scrivener data into Aeon Timeline for the first time, it assigns the item type based on its type in Scrivener. So folders come across as Narrative Folders, and documents come across as Events.

This is why you would be seeing both your Chapters and Scenes being events, as they are both documents in Scrivener.

I’m not sure why this wouldn’t be true in Part 1, if your Scrivener set up is the same, unless at some point it was changed.

Aeon Timeline doesn’t sync this information between itself and Scrivener, instead it is just used to initialise the type on the first sync. So you can go and change all your Chapters to Narrative Folders manually, and this won’t change their document type in Scrivener.

Aah, I see. I thought the syncing included the Scrivener type (Folder/Document) and I believe I did change the type of the Chapters in Scrivener at some point, but they are all the same now so that made it worse for me understanding. Thank you.

And to clarify since I use Scene as a structure in the Narrative, in your online Knowledge Base it states that when setting up with a Fiction Template the items included with it are Event, Scene, Backstory, Flashback, and Flash-forward. Was Scene dropped in AT 3? I’ve never found it. I know I could create one but am wondering how to use it differently than “Event” since Scene is a type of Event but is mentioned separately as an Item type. There are no examples of it in Wuthering Heights or Orient Express.

This is what I am looking at but I believe Scene is referenced in other places too:

And just letting you know, under section “Which items appear in narrative order?” the first bullet sentence trails off unfinished.

Thanks for reporting that to us, Scene was an initial item type that has been removed, so it isn’t included in the Fiction Template.

I have removed the references in the documentation and updated the trailing sentence.

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You’re welcome! Thanks for the update and for updating your documentation.