Never signed up for Beta. Aeon just updated itself

Platform: Mac
OS Version: 12.4
OS Language Setting: English

Version: 3.2.17
Application Shell: 3.2.17

I’m trialing the software. I tried using software today but things seemed different. I then noticed it was the beta version but I never signed up for the beta version. Many things not working as expected. I can’t downgrade because it’s asking for an account ID which I dont have.

I opened the trial software on my laptop. It asked if I wanted to upgrade to the Beta and I clicked NO. Despite this it updated itself to the Beta and I now have the same bugs on my laptop as my iMac.

I just downloaded the older version but the beta downloaded itself again and Im back with the same problem.

What gives?!

Is it the beta, or is it now the current production release?

Hi Justin, thanks for reaching out and for trialling Aeon Timeline.

3.2.17 is no longer in beta and has been released to the public, which is why you would have been updated to this version. Updates happen when you confirm to do so immediately in the Update dialog, or automatically when the app is relaunched. We’ll review the dialog wording to see how we can improve it to be clearer and less confusing.

You mentioned many things are not working as expected. If you could help detail what isn’t working correctly or as expected, we’d greatly appreciate it as we try to get all critical bugs fixed as soon as possible. Any bugs can be posted in this forum or emailed to

Thanks again for giving Aeon Timeline a try, and we hope we can help resolve any issues you’re having with the app.