Nnn Invalid Dates found

Firstly, when importing a (csv) file to the Historic Timeline template (v. 3.1.8 on macOS 12.6.1), is there any way for Aeon itself to reveal exactly where it has found invalid dates, please, and what is wrong with them?

A log? Some preference setting?

Secondly, is there a document somewhere (or section of the manual) which explains clearly how to represent mixed (both BC/BCE and AD/CE) dates in the spreadsheets I use (Numbers) when preparing data for import into Aeon?


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to see what dates are the invalid ones.

You can read about the format needed for dates in our support document here: Importing text (e.g. CSV) files - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base (under the heading Column Settings, then the Start Date field)


Thanks, Jess. Very helpful!