Notes at event relationship level?

I mainly use relationship view to see events and their relationships in a grid. If I add, for example, a Story Arc to an event, it shows up in the grid and in the event’s relationships, but I can’t find any way to add notes specific to how that event relates to the story arc. I’ve fiddled around in Data Types but so far no luck. It would be fantastic to be able to add a note to the event for each relationship it has, and if possible, for these to be visible as popups if I hover over the relevant cell in the relationship view (which would then be turned into a plotting grid). Is there any way to achieve this currently?

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You can set up different relationship types to give it more complexity.
But if you want to add longer, free form notes you will need to put these into the event. Of course you could set up a custom property called „notes concerning relationship“ or whatever. You would reach this via the inspector of the event, not via the node. But you could even set up several of these „relationship notes“, one for the relation to arc, another for the relation to location or whatever you need.

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Thank you, Rob, I think my reservation with custom properties is that they would be based on content rather than structure (I’m a database person). Eg if I create 3 story arcs A, B and C, create custom properties Notes A, Notes B and Notes C on the event, and then later remove one of the arcs, I’m going to have orphaned notes on the events that related to it. (I’m also going to have the custom properties on all events, not just the ones related to the relevant story arc).

I guess the whole architecture of the app is bases on items connected by relationships. In order to achieve what you want, relationships would have to be items as well, which would make everything even more complex.