Offstage scenes syncing w/Scrivener

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Migrated to AT3 a year ago but just getting back to it and learning it again. Having difficulty with this concept as related to Scrivener syncing. I had offstage scenes in my Scrivener project in their chronological position within my story (compile off) to help me see what was happening with the story flow. I see the AT Narrative with Timeline achieves this same purpose but when I removed these scenes from the Narrative and synced the Scrivener documents were moved into the Trash folder.

How do you structure this in Scrivener syncing with AT? Is it best to create a new offstage entity in Narrative that keeps the placement in Scrivener (seems to defeat the concept) or to have a Scrivener Offstage Folder outside of the manuscript to reference or what?

To expand this, how do you “see” events in Scrivener that are in AT Timeline but not AT Narrative? Examples: backstory (viewable in Timeline) or specific events (Presidential Inauguration). Or do you reference AT and leave these out of Scrivener? Or place in Scrivener folder outside of manuscript, or how?

The syncing process is designed to sync information between your chosen Scrivener folder (eg. Manuscript) and the Narrative View in Aeon Timeline. This is why when you deleted your synced events from the Narrative View it deleted them from your Scrivener file aswell.

You can choose to ignore documents when beginning the syncing process by right clicking on them in the binder, and choosing “Ignore”. If you did this for your “offscreen” events, then they would not appear in the Narrative View, but would remain in Scrivener.

Unfortunately currently there isn’t a way to sync events that aren’t in the Narrative between Scrivener and Aeon Timeline. It is something that has been requested before, so is on our list of possible features to look at adding in the future.

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Thank you for a great solution. It has been so long that I had forgotten about the Ignore option!
I think in my next book I will be planning it in Aeon first and then writing it in Scrivener. This current book I had written in Scrivener partway before purchasing AT2 and creating a new AT2 file (and then upgraded to AT3 a year later). I think planning in AT first will help me figure out how best to set up Scrivener in relation to AT.