Open 2 Aeon project files at same time

I have several files that I want to combine. I tried the csv export but it left a lot of info out. I want to re-enter data and it would be easier if I could open both the source file and the work file at the same time.
I am working in version 3 on Mac

With Aeon 2 under Windows it works for me. While a project is open, I can open another project with a double click in the explorer. Events can be copied via the Windows clipboard.
Have you tried this with Aeon 3 on Mac?


Edit: It also works normally via the file menu: If I open a project with Aeon 2 while another one is already open, a new window appears over the existing one.

Yes you should also be able to do this on version 3 as well. If you open another timeline via the File menu you can have both files open at the one time.

Thanks guys. Here is the way it works for me on Mac with version 3:

  1. Open another timeline – it will show up on the screen AND as a tab right ABOVE the toolbar (never knew or read about these tabs)
  2. You can open any one of the tabs one at a time OR
  3. Click on tab and drag a small image of the file to another location. When you release it opens into full view.