Option to reverse the trackpad pinch direction for zooming in and out in the timeline view

My current laptop trackpad zoom options involve pinching two fingers to zoom in and out (Windows 10). Just like on a phone, spreading two fingers out zooms IN, and pinching two fingers together zooms OUT. This is how my trackpad works on every program/window except in Aeon Timeline 2 timeline view. The inverse pinching-to-zoom directionality is minor but still frustrating, as it is counter-intuitive to my muscle memory. Can we have an option to reverse the zoom functionality so that splitting fingers zooms in and pinching together zooms out?

By ‘zoom in’ I mean zooming into a shorter time range (rather than year 1 to year 2, zoom “in” to month 1 to month 2)

This is currently an issue we are looking into, as it should behave the same as standard zooming.