Order by: In Entity List Panel, It looks like that Items are ordered by Item Identifier

It’s a disaster to find a special item after hundreds of items have been created.
I need a special filter, partial matching and default order by item title.

Not to second guess you, but when I need to find something that’s not readily spotted, the search function always comes through.

I am doing historical research and have added over 300 persons, over 200 countries, over 60 locations, over 100 documents, and more. When I need to chose the relationships between multiple Peoples and events in Relationship View or Subway View, in the entity panel list, I need to remember the chronological order in which each entity was added (not the time recorded in the entity, not sorted alphabetically) in order to filter them out and check each checkbox.

That sounds very awkward.
And right in the middle of AT’s key function.

You could add a property in Aeon Timeline for date added, export to CSV, and sort in your spreadsheet of choice. I understand that’s extra steps - just a thought.

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I don’t know why the items are ordered by Entity ID by default. This thing is interesting. Still thank you for reply.

You provided a good idea, I really like it.