Order of the Relationships lists in the Inspector

The relationships panel in the inspector provides an excellent opportunity to view a list of scenes/events in which a character participates or a list of scenes/events that make up a story arc.

But this feature does not work due to the existing way of sorting the list of scenes/events. They are arranged in the order of adding links. If they were arranged according to the timeline or position in the spreadsheet, it would be much more convenient.


Or as a minimum, if it was possible to manually rearrange the order of the relations in those lists…

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As an option, only then there will be double work

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yes, it will be extra work, but it would at least be possible to get them right…

But I do agree with you, the Relations should be sorted by dates (preferable start dates, then periods, then end dates)… within each relation type…

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If I understand properly what you’re asking for, this is possible, though it’s tedious if you have to do it a lot.

In Serabale’s screen capture there’s a list of scenes, out of order: scene2, scene1, scene3. If you click the + sign under the last entry, you’ll get a popup list of all the scenes. Uncheck all the checked entries, then check them again in the right order: scene1, scene2, scene3. (Or you can uncheck scene2 & immediately re-check it, then do the same with scene3. It amounts to the same thing.)

Another thought: Not all relationships are time-based. For example, I have many events connected to people; the relationship is “Participant”. I wouldn’t want those lists sorted by the birth date of the participant — I would usually want to list them either alphabetically (by last name) or in order of importance. For me, that means hand sorting the lists the way I describe above.

An option would be to have a “sort filter” for Relation types, it could have been set the same way that we set the relationship…
given i.e. some choices in a drop down list.

  • Sort this Relation type chronological
  • Sort this Relation type alphabetical
  • Sort this Relation type manually

In addition just had the positions for the relations in the list manually movable by “click and drag”.

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This is something similar to what I requested during the beta phase. Alphabetical sorting was implemented. But it doesn’t always suit. So a choice for each specific relationship type would be a great idea.