Ordering in Spreadsheet out of sync with Subway

Platform & OS Version

Platform: Windows
OS Version: 11
OS Language Setting: US English

App Version

Version: 3.1.9
Application Shell: 3.1.9



Problem Description

The expected behavior is that any change in the order of events in either the Subway view or Spreadsheet view should be reflected in the other view even when they are on the same day and even if no time is specified for the events.

Unfortunately, some events in the Subway view do not match the order of the events in the Spreadsheet view when the events are all of the same date and where no time is selected. This caused confusion when I had ordered events on a particular date in the Spreadsheet view and later looked at these events in the Subway view, forcing me to manually compare the two and drag the events to the correct order in the Subway view to resolve the confusion.


Unless this is addressed, going forward I may have to enter specific times on events that occur on the same day rather than simply place them in chronological order – even for events on a single day where my novel does not require such granularity. Unfortunately, having to do so breaks my stream of creativity when I’m using Aeon Timeline to brainstorm and plot my novel; it forces me to think about adding arbitrary times to an event when otherwise I would be thinking about my story.

Steps to reproduce

I don’t have time to test this, but this is how I would reproduce it from scratch:

In the Spreadsheet view, enter a mix of events, at least four events on the same day (and no time) and some on different days (and no time).

Create a split screen with Subway on top and Spreadsheet view on the bottom.

Initial-state test:

Click on each node in the Subway view and, looking at that highlighted event in the Spreadsheet view, see if it’s in the same order. If you spot one that’s out of order, see if the same highlighted event is on the same date as the adjacent events (I suspect that it will be).

Additional tests:

Even if you do not find any that are out of order (yet), in the Subway view move an event to another position horizontally that’s bracketed by two events also on the same day. Did it move that event to the new position in the Spreadsheet view? (I suspect not.)

In the Spreadsheet view, from the four events that are on the same day but that have no time entered, move an event to another position that’s bracketed by events also of the same date but with no time entered. Did the corresponding event in the Subway view shift its position to conform to the new position? (I suspect not.)

I hope this helps.

Well, now I’m perplexed. After reading this posting from @jess on another thread, I tried re-ordering the events in the Spreadsheet view by the “#” column. Now everything seems to be in sync for events on the same day without specific times entered. So maybe my so-called “bug” report was just me being on a massive learning curve and not yet fully understanding some of these nuances in Aeon Timeline 3. I’ll report back on this once I’ve logged some more time with the program.

Okay, please disregard this bug report. So long as I have events ordered in the Spreadsheet view by “#” everything syncs between the Spreadsheet and Subway views.

The discussion system would not let me delete my bug report, so maybe it needs to be deleted by the admin or at least marked “resolved.”