PayPal purchases disabled, for now

Hi All,

We have experienced some issues with PayPal orders for a few users, where the user has seen some error messages and other failure screens. On most occasions, the payment has gone through, but users have rightly thought they may not have and completed a second purchase.

FastSpring, the company that handles our payment processing (much better if these things are handled by experts in this field, with all the security and privacy benefits that brings), are looking into the issue currently.

In the mean time, we have decided to disable PayPal as a purchase method temporarily until the issues are resolved.

If anyone is hoping to pay via PayPal, you can either choose another purchase method, or wait until the payment is resolved and we turn that option back on. You can use a free 14 day trial of Aeon Timeline 3 in the mean time!

If anyone else has been affected by the double payment and hasn’t contacted us, please send an email and we will make sure any secondary purchases are fully refunded.


do you know the time line for getting paypal back ?

I have just sent them a follow up now. I will let you know.

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Any word on whether or not it’s coming back? I don’t have a credit card and I’m not interested in signing up for a new service.

Unfortunately we are still waiting on FastSpring to fix the issue that was causing problems for a small amount of users using Paypal. We had hope to wait until this was resolved, but given it is still be investigated, we are considering enabling the payment method again and just individually handling the small number of cases that may be affected by the problem.

I have no idea why there should be such a problem, but I know of one vendor who requires a prior email before going down a paypal route; I assume it’s because of a need to track the payment manually.
Not the same payment processor either.

If you do reenable it, please let us know. :slight_smile:

Any news on this? Or maybe incorporating Skrill support?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @matt , long time no see. I’ve been trying to update my V2 license to the new one for several days now but for some reason my credit cards are not being accepted, and PayPal is not enabled.

Apparently enabling PayPal is up to you, guys. Can you, by any chance, enable this option for a while?

Much appreciated.

We have requested that Paypal be enabled, so we are just waiting on the company that deals with our payment system (Fastspring) to enable it.
Have you emailed us at about your credit cards failing? We can get in contact with FastSpring to work out what the issue is.

Hi everyone,

Paypal is now enabled again, please contact us if you have any issues with it.

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