Please copy the UI of your competitor Arcweave to your mindmap system

Please use arcweave for a bit and you’ll instantly see how much better the UI is. As it is the mindmap is nigh unusable for me.

For me the big problems are:

  1. No ability to pan with the mouse. Please make it so that you can pan with middle mouse click-to-pan.
  2. Bad text formatting with the summary. I want to see the summary on the nodes as well as edit them straight on the node without going to the inspector on the side. I cannot do this. The text is also poorly formatted and greyed out, hard to read. On arcweave it’s extremely clean and nice looking.
  3. Be able to click on a node, whatever it is, a character, an event, on the sidebar and have the mindmap straightforwardly pan to that node so that it’s centered on the screen. This is the only way it’s possible to navigate large mindmaps.
  4. Easy connection UI. Instead of a connection point at the bottom you can drag from anywhere on the edge to create a connection, making it easier.
  5. Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, it’s pretty crazy that you can’t IMO.

It’s not that bad, is it?

You may have mouse preferences in your OS set in a way that conflicts with Aeon. I use a trackpad. A two-finger drag pans timelines and mind maps for me. If you got that to work for you, the automatic centering might be something less needed.

Zooming with the mouse would be nice. The zoom control in the lower right corner works, though.

Deleting relationships in the mind map is a little non-intuitive. You re-link two objects and deselect the relationship(s) you want to remove. On the other hand, you can have multiple relationships between two events.

I agree that the Mindmap is extremely primitive and probably not suitable for the sort of things taler appears to need it for. Mouse behaviour for scrolling etc. is so poor it’s necessary to use UI elements instead. Its lack of functionality doesn’t bother me too much personally, as at the moment it feels like a very early-stage add-on to the timeline. It would be good to see it develop a lot though.