Possibility of Aeon Phone App?

Since I have unlimited data on my phone, I would love to have an Aeon Timeline app on my phone. Any chance of that in the future? Especially with the new folding phones it could work like the ipad app.

Hi @Leisa,

I am guessing you are referring to the Android operating system when you talk of a future phone version of Aeon Timeline, as there is an iPhone version currently, of course.

I have the iPhone version of Aeon Timeline as well as the iPad version and it works well. So I can understand why you would want an Android version of the app. Interestingly, it uses very little data to build a timeline file on iPhone. Although that might change if a lot of images and attachments are added.

As Andrew says, we do have an iOS version that is covered by the same license. However we don’t have an Android app.

Hello, I’ve recently started writing novels and I’m loving the Aeon free trial so much that I’m going to buy it when it expires.

However I see you don’t offer an Android app, and as I frequently work on my Android tablet I wanted to ask if you have any plan to support it in the future?

Thank you and keep up the good job!

We don’t have any plans in the future to release an Android version of the app. The more likely path would be to release a web version of the app, which you could then use on your Android device.