Potential Bug Warning: Unresponsive "My Account / Login" Screen (Mac OS)

Hi All,
Someone reported this to me via email, and I have seen it a couple of times myself, although not reliably, so I thought I would post the workaround here in case anyone else runs into it.

The Login screen in the My Account window occasionally locks up and refuses to take mouse or keyboard input for you to enter the license code.

This seems to occur after switching away from that window and returning to it - most likely to go and copy the Account ID from an email in another window.

This only affects Mac OS, and so far has only affected a small number of users.

If you quit the application by hittin Cmd + Q and then reopen the application, the problem will go away on its own.

If you repeatedly encounter the issue, just have the Account ID already copied before you get to the login screen so that it is ready to be pasted without switching away.

I will continue to try to identify the issue in the mean time so that we can fix it in an update shortly.