Print Paper Options Missing

Aeon 3.0.22 for Mac
OS Version: Monterey 12.1


I have a tabloid printer (13 x 19) that I bought specifically so that I can print out large sheets with relationship and narrative view, starting with Aeon 2 (well, not narrative view back then!).

In Aeon 3, I am able to choose the correct paper size in File/Page Setup, but when I go to File/Print in order to print the narrative view, I am only given the option to print to standard (A3, A4, Letter, Legal) sizes. This presents a problem :grin:

At the moment I am exporting to a PDF, but this presents problems with larger files, since exported PDF’s only print one image/page, and sometimes when I print I let the chart print on more than one page so that I can get a bigger view.

Thank you!

Hi! One additional observation. As I play with exporting PDF’s, I’m finding that when you “Export Selected”, the right hand margin cuts off the image. I have send the PDF via email to support.

We will look into adding more options for printing sizes.
I have replied to your email about the PDF issue, we haven’t been able to reproduce it, so it may be something specific to your file.