Problems when switching apps

Hi! When I use Aeon on iOS and leave the app for a while, it will show the „load“ icon with white dots but not load the project. I can leave that screen by going back to the files and reopen the project. It happens on both iPad (original iPad pro 12.9) and iPhone (XS Max). I have iOS 15.4.1 on the phone, not sure about the iPad right now.

Sorry you are having problems with your timeline loading.
Just to clarify what is happening, are you working on your timeline file, then switch to another app on your phone/iPad, and then after a while come back to Aeon Timeline again, and this is when you see the loading icon, and it doesn’t open the project?
But if you go back to the file browser and reopen it manually then it works?

Exactly. It doesn’t seem to appear every time, especially not if I switch back and forth frequently. But if I work a while in another app and come back later, it won’t load.

Thanks. I will pass this onto our developers to see if they can reproduce it and work out what the issue is.