Putting Chracter's into multiple groups

Working on creating character profiles, who I would like to group into multiple groups(item Types) , I was wondering if it was possible to have it linked to my character view when on the character so I can click on the group and have it go to the Item. I thought I had done this correctly, but it doesn’t seem to link to to the group if I do it in the chracter view. Am I missing some kind of setup or is this just not a function avaliable?

For example I have this character, I linked him to House Lannister, but when I click on it I don’t see any other characters I have linked to this House (in character) When I click on it it’s empty.
When I click on the Alliance/Main House I have to add relates to, to put them in this group. Does this mean I can’t do it in the character view?
I apologize If I’m not explaining very clear. (I tried to put up more pictures but as I’m a new user it didn’t allow me to post more then one)

From what I understand, you have a list of characters and you have made relationships between them and other item types (eg. I assume you have an item type that is the different family houses? Which is what House Lannister belongs to).
You have linked Tywin Lannister to House of Lannister, but then when you click on that value in the inspector, you are expecting to see the other characters that you have also related to that House in the menu on the left?
If so, then this is not how the relationships are set up to work. When you click on an item in the inspector (eg. House of Lannister) it will then just select this item and show it in the inspector (the panel on the right). It will list all the relationships that the item has. This may include the relationship with the character you initially selected if the relationship type is bi-directional or an inverse (this can be set up in Settings). You can’t use relationships with other types to filter the character panel.

In regards to grouping characters, you may be interested in another way to group them other than using relationships, which you can read about here: Grouping Items into Hierarchies - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base
You can only group an item under one parent item though, so I’m not sure whether it would be helpful for your use case.