Relating people and organisations to events

I’m doing social history research which involves numerous events, people, and organisation associated with those events. I’m really struggling to understand how to best set this up in Aeon.

This is an example of how an event might be represented …

Event: Meeting to confirm announcemnt

  • Relates to (organisations): JPL, Science Working Group
  • Relates to (person): Jack

Person: Jack is a member of JPL

The trickier part comes where I want to also include sub groups. So at JPL there is a group of Galaxy astronomers and a group of Planetary astronomers. Different people also belong to these groups. These groups also participate in various Events which makes the whole thing crazy!

Any help, or a template that does something similar would be much appreciated.


Hi Carl,

I am working on a very different type of project but it is one that also uses some form of hierarchy to link data and events which I will come onto in a moment. In my limited experience it seems the way you structure this is very much dependent on how you want to display it in your timeline.

My own example is related to music where I have an artist/band (think of this as your organisation), a lineup (think of this as your department or sub group) and a person/band member (who would be your employee).

In my example my lineup (department) has a number of persons (employees) related to it. It also have a parent band (organisation) which this lineup belongs to.

This allows me to see data in my timeline in a couple of ways (not all will be appropriate for you).

  1. I can see an event (in my case a concert) where the band (organisation) took part. This shows relationships below the event to the band, venue, location etc.

  1. A timeline on my bands history (this is the one your unlikely to need) which lets me see which lineup (department) was assigned at what time, and the personnel for each lineup (department).

To achieve this I just have a datatype for the band, the lineup and the person ( along with some other things), and a relationship for the ‘band member’ which allows me to assign the person to the lineup (department). And a relationship for the band which allows me to allocate it to the event (the concert)

I realise this is a very different use case but perhaps you can use these principles for your design.

Hi Keith. Thank you so much for sharing that. It gives me a few ideas to try out. At least I know now that it’s possible!

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