Relationship Types


Is it possible for a Character to have a relationship with an Event, but the Event only point to Locations? I can give a Character a relationship to an Event, but the Event looks at other Events instead of looking at a Location.

I hope that made sense.

Any help would be great.


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Hi, @Noire,

This sort of stuff is of high interest to me. Particularly if I haven’t set up a timeline for a while I forget some of the details.

I don’t understand what you mean by an Event pointing to anything. You can set allowed parent groups for any Item Type. Is that what you need?

Regarding Relationships, which always confuse me when I get a little cold on timeline setup, I’ve made some notes.

I need to withhold posting them for now. I’m having a little trouble stamping out errors. If I can get them corrected and tested, I’ll post them.

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Thank you for your response.

Right now I have a Relationship Type called University/Alumni. Anyone I “tag” as an Alumni of the University will show under their own Character and the location. I don’t have to search for all the alumni who attended a particular university. I can simply look at the University Relationships and see them all.

I’d like a Relationship Type called Wedding that could function like my University/AlumnI Relationship, I can assign Participants and Observers, but each time I try to show a assign a Location for the Wedding the Location option opens a list of the other Events in the timeline. I know I’ve set it up incorrectly, but I can’t figure out how to correct it.

Thank you again.

I hope that made some sense.

I might see what’s going on. I’ve also still got questions to resolve, myself, so if there are errors here corrections are most appreciated.

The problem is in the Relationship view, when you click the row/column intersection of a Location Item and a Wedding Event, you don’t get the list of locations you want.

Start at the main Aeon display. Click Gear->Data Types->Edit->Relationships.

Click on your Wedding Relationship in the left hand list.

In the right hand pane, click the “Item Types with a field for this relationship” for any rows in the Relationship view where you want to apply the Wedding relationship.

In Allowed item types for this relationship, check all the Item Types you want to see as columns for Wedding relationships.

The actual rows and columns will be Items that match the types you selected here.

When you click on a row/column intersection to assign a relationship, you will only see relationships that include the column’s underlying Item Type in the Relationship’s Allowed item type for this relationship and include the row’s underlying Item Type in the Allowed types for this relationship checkboxes.

You might want to use a blank timeline to play with this to see how it works.

My guess is you want to check your Item Type for Event in the Wedding Relationship’s Allowed item types for this relationship.

You want Locations checked in the Item Types with a field for this relationship.

Now, when you click at the intersection of an Event row and a Location column, you’ll have the option of assigning the Wedding relationship.

I hope that helps and that I have not added confusion.

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