Relationship view: Filter characters in "choose columns" by color/story arc/tags

My project has a lot of minor characters that are involved at different points in the story. With all characters in the columns, there are large gaps between involved characters because there are just so many characters, and I have to scroll horizontally for quite some time before finding what I’m looking for. I am unable to filter by character groups to narrow this because there’s no way to group one character under multiple groups (for example, a character belonging to Family1 but who later in the story marries into Family2).

Possible options:

  1. Make it possible label characters by story arc (similar to how events can be labeled) and also enable filtering of characters by story arc.
  2. Make it possible to filter characters by the color of their label. E.g. I could then label all minor characters with a single color and then filter them out. I can’t put them all in the same character group and filter them that way because they’re grouped by family already, and there’s no way to add the same character to multiple groups.
  3. Make it possible to filter characters by tags
  4. Have an option to “hide” any characters that aren’t participants/observers/etc in any of the events being viewed