Relative Time in Years?

Hi there,

I’m new to Aeon, so apologies in advance if this feature is something that already exists, but…

I am creating historical timelines for an archive research project. My main intellectual focus is on a single person, but I am using the software to track events/people in her circle to get a better sense of her social network. Therefore, I would like to be able to see the absolute date of every event, but also her age at the time of the event (so a relative date with the “zero” point as her birthday).

Currently, I believe it’s only possible to see relative times in hours, days, or weeks, which is too short to be really useful for me. Is it possible to make a “year” view setting available?

It would really be an added bonus if I could also put in the birthdates of the other people for every event and see their ages as well–not on the same relative timeline as the main person’s, but under every event with which another person is associated.


You can set peoples birthdays and choose to show their ages at certain events. Not sure if that’s what you are looking for?

You can show the ages of people at certain events in the inspector and in Relationship View, but this information isn’t directly shown on the timeline view, we can add that as a Feature Request.
We will also add the yearly relative timeline as a request, you are correct that this can’t be done currently.

Thank you both–it seems like Rob’s solution will go some way towards what I’m looking for, but yes–having the ability to see the ages in timeline view (especially as a dual relative timeline) would be SUPER helpful. I think I can safely speak for all academics doing historical research when I say that this is a major part of our work!

Thanks for considering it, and for your responses.