Removing Unnecessary Metadata in Scrivener 3

When I upgraded to AT3 I expected the sync with Scrivener 3 to remove the unnecessary metadata created by AT2 and no longer necessary in Scrivener 3. That hasn’t happened, so I have information that is redundant, sometimes misleading and not updated.

Is there a list of redundant Scrivener 3 (created by AT2) metadata fields that don’t link to AT3? I don’t want to delete something that could damage the existing AT3 link. Help please.

Hi Nicwg,

as far as I know, there is no metadata you can remove from scrivener which may break the link.

Which redundant metadata are you talking about? Could you post a screen?

I think Aeon 3 adds nothing to Scrivener for the link to work. So, every metadata is optional and can be safely removed if you don’t need it.


You can go into sync settings in your Aeon Timeline 3 project to see the metadata that all your properties and relationships are synced to (what is shown in the dropdown lists).

If they are not listed here, then you can delete them from your Scrivener project.

I would recommend taking backups of your projects before you try to delete anything, that way you can start again if it breaks the sync in anyway.

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Thanks. I have metadata which no longer links. And then some which does. It’s a bit confusing.