Request: Multiple Calendars

I posted this request in the Q & A section but I think this topic would fit better in this portion of the forum as I would really love to see this feature in this app. I am not sure how to move topics or if I can do that.

I’ve been trying to use Aeon Timelines to track an overarching timeline that occurs in multiple worlds with different calendars but has a unifying calendar. My current workaround is to create Calendar Markers that repeat after the equivalent of a year has passed but this gets very cumbersome real fast as I have over 8 different calendars to keep track of.

For real-life applications, I am sure those who track events using the lunar calendar alongside the gregorian calendar would benefit greatly from being able to track with multiple calendars. There is also the 360-day calendar which is used in financial sectors.

It would be nice to be able to seamlessly convert between these calendars, have the calendars connect or begin from a certain date from another (useful for calendar transitions), and be able to switch between viewing the timeline from one calendar to another.


Seconding this request! My personal use-scenario is a bit niche, namely fiction set on both Mars and on Earth. However, even if calendars with days of different lengths wasn’t on the table, there are a number of calendars on Earth (Julian, Gregorian, Jewish, Chinese, etc.) that would be useful to switch between.


Yes please, I need this feature BADLY


Just piling on here for this feature…there were lots of positive responses to this when it was an Oct '21 Q&A topic. I still really need this to fully utilize AT3 (fictional setting with multiple overlapping calendars…though in my simple situation 1 day = 1 day in all calendars, no matter how labeled or counted). Fingers STILL crossed!


I won’t upgrade until this feature has been implemented. It’s crucial to how I want to work