[RESOLVED] Known Issue: iOS 15 File Creation

Hi all,
I just wanted to flag that we are currently working through a known issue on iOS 15 where the app may get into a state where it cannot create new files.

When this happens, existing files will continue to open, but new files will not.

This appears to only affect iOS 15, which is why it wasn’t caught by our earlier beta testers, given iOS 15 only came out last week.

We have reproduced the issue and are working on a fix.



Just an update to this problem:

The problem was caused by an unexpected change in the behaviour of an iOS library. I am pretty sure it is a bug in the Apple library rather than an intentional change on their part, because it is completely undocumented and I can’t see any logical reason or benefit associated with the change in behaviour.

I have implemented a workaround that will resolve the issue. We will be submitting a fix to the App Store later today, which will be released once it passes Apple review.


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This has now been approved by Apple and released to the App Store.

It may take a little while for the release to filter through to the different stores in various countries, but you should see it soon.