Right-click behavior update

Hi team,

Thanks for adding the right-click functionality. This is a minor usability request:

Could you please consider making it so that you don’t have to hold the right mouse button down for the menu to remain on screen? Ideally, it would match how right-clicking works on macOS/Windows where I can just right-click once and the menu will pop up and remain there.


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The program should already have you be able to right-click one and the menu will pop up and remain there.
What operating system are you on, and what device are you using for the right-click?

OK, so I dug into this a bit more for you. I’m using the m1 16" Macbook pro on macOS 12.3. The issue occurs when I control-click to simulate a right-click. But if I right-click directly on the trackpad or right-click with a Bluetooth mouse, it works fine.

Thanks for looking into that more, we will look into fixing this so it also works for the control-click.