Running all three AT versions at once

I have used Aeon Timeline 1 from the beginning, and though I never really used it, I purchased AT2 when it was released. Today, I decided to trial AT3 before deciding whether to purchase or not.

I am running Windows 10, and AT1 has, for years, had a start menu folder called “Aeon Timeline”, with a shortcut inside, also called “Aeon Timeline”.

Knowing that AT3 would not recognise AT1 files, I first installed AT2 so I could convert my timeline to AT2 format, which AT3 would recognise. As expected, the start menu got a new folder, “Aeon Timeline 2”, and the shortcut inside is also called “Aeon Timeline 2”. Perfect for differentiating.

However, upon installing AT3, there is no start menu folder “Aeon Timeline 3”. Instead it installed to start menu folder “Aeon Timeline”, and overwrote the shortcut already there.

(The same issue appears to happen for desktop shortcuts; however, I do not use desktop shortcuts and delete any created.)

I have manually fixed the start menu folders, but would like to ask that the installation settings for future versions be updated so the Windows based installation of AT3 creates start menu folder “Aeon Timeline 3” and the corresponding shortcut inside.

Unfortunately this is something we are unlikely to change going forward. We decided that the best thing for the product would be to remove the version number when installing, however this does mean that it will cause problems if you wish to have version 1 and version 3 installed on the same machine, and you will have to adjust things manually.