Scrivener Character Sync Woes

Hello! Using Mac, latest OS X and my computers are all M1 silicon (maybe this is the problem…?). Most recent versions of Aeon (3.0.9) and Scrivener (3.2.2). I have been playing with some dummy sync files in advance of doing a full sync from my Aeon timeline with my WIP, and have discovered what I think is a bug:

  1. Create a character document in the research folder in Scrivener. Drag and drop an image from Finder onto the synopsis where it says “drop an image here.” The image sticks to the synopsis, and immediately shows up on the cork board as expected. One is able to switch between image and synopsis view perfectly.

  2. Create a character in Aeon. Problem number one: any image I attach to that character in Aeon does NOT sync to Scrivener, which may be by design, but is disappointing. Bigger problem number two: the character document that appears in scrivener is broken, such that you cannot drag any images onto the synopsis card, period. Images seem like they are going to drag and drop-- you get the little green plus icon, but they never show up on the cork board, and as soon as you leave the synopsis, the image disappears.

  3. Characters that I create in Scrivener appear to hang on to their picture-sticking abilities. I have done several syncs, with changes, and if I go back into the Scrivener corkboard I can change images and they stick.

Pretty sure this is a bug. And it’s a bummer. I have created a lot of characters in my timeline file, with more to come I am sure since Aeon is now my brainstorming tool of choice. It basically means I can’t sync those characters with Scrivener, without fear of something being borked. :frowning:

I’m not sure, but in Scrivener you can choose to have either an image or a text synopsis. Aeon doesn’t offer that option, images are attached elsewhere. So probably, if you choose to sync the Aeon synopsis to the Scrivener synopsis, it will break your option to choose a picture.
The solution should be (if I‘m right) not to choose the Scrivener synopsis as a target in the sync settings. If you have any text in your Aeon synopsis but want images in Scrivener you need to sync the text from Aeon to some other field in Scrivener.
I don’t think it’s possible to sync images between the apps at all. (As far as I know)

I sync the Aeon synopsis to the Scrivener synopsis and I have option to choose a picture.
Moreover, in each scene in the Screener I have a picture of the structure of the scene and it does not interfere with synchronization in any way

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Have you created these events in Scrivener or in Aeon? Because the events I create in Scrivener can have images in the synopsis as expected. It’s when I create an item-- character or event-- in Aeon that it breaks the image function. I have been able to repeat this behavior dozens of times, in different files… Matt? Are you tracking this? Thoughts? :confused:

Also, @Rob, sorry, I thought I had responded to you earlier, but it didn’t post for some reason. To me, the confounding thing is that it doesn’t break the option to add an image IF the item is created in Scrivener. Aeon ignores the synopsis image upon syncing, but images persist, and can still be added and changed in Scrivener. If the item is created in Aeon, the synopsis image option doesn’t work in Scrivener, ever. To me this feels like a bug, since the Aeon-created item that ends up in Scrivener can never be used as Scrivener intends, and actually behaves as if Scrivener is broken. :confused:

In my case synopsis image work in Scrivener even if the item created in Aeon

Baffling! I have experienced this on both my laptop and my desktop computers, but, as I say, they are both M1, don’t know if that could be the issue. Would love to hear from Matt if he’s tracking this. It seems like a rickety sync situation, at least for me :frowning:

This looks like it is a Scrivener issue, where in this specific instance it is not creating all the information it needs automatically. The way around it at the moment looks to be, once the file is created and before dragging any image into it, add some text either to the document or the synopsis. This will action will create the information needed, and after this you should be able to drag images to the synopsis without them disappearing.
While we believe this is a Scrivener issue, it potentially looks like we could provide a workaround without too much work, so will create a ticket to look into this.
In regards to image syncing generally, syncing images in the Synopsis between Scrivener and Aeon Timeline 3 is not supported, just syncing text.

Thank you so much for clarification of everything. Completely baffling but your hack TOTALLY works. For anybody else who is stumped by this weird problem, and assuming that you are syncing the Aeon event “summary” to the Scrivener “synopsis,” the fix in more detail is:

  1. If you CREATE the event/character/item in Scrivener, you can add a synopsis or image no matter where you are, Aeon or Scrivener, and the image will properly stick to the synopsis in Scrivener.

  2. If you CREATE the event/character/item in AEON, then you MUST enter some text into the AEON summary and then sync to Scrivener. After that, the image will stick.

Important points: this will NOT work (at least for me) if you enter text into the SCRIVENER synopsis field. Has to be entered in Aeon Summary.

Also: I was able to fix my “broken” items by going back into Aeon and typing new information in the summary field, after which I could attach a picture.

Thanks so much, Jess-- I’m not worried any more that something is slowly breaking my timeline :wink: And I totally get that image syncing is not supported, and actually don’t mind. Easy enough to add the same image in Aeon via the handy paper clip.


I’ve had the situation where all my pictures in the Synopsis have been completely wiped out. They’ve been in situ for years. They were also included in the Character Sketch, and it looks as if entire Character sketches in Scrivener have disappeared with them.

I did try and do as you suggested, Jess, but I got nowhere. It simply didn’t work…no picture showed in the Summary. My Character sheets use the inbuilt Character Template. Maybe that’s the cause?

What version of Aeon Timeline are you currently using? You can find this under “About Aeon Timeline” in the Aeon Timeline menu (Mac) or Tools menu (Windows). If you could let us know both the version and shell number.
The latest update did fix the earlier bug where documents created via Aeon Timeline could not have images. However are you saying that your documents were created in Scrivener and already had images added to them, but syncing with Aeon Timeline removed then?