Scrivener crashing after sync

Platform & OS Version

Platform: Macbook Air M1
OS Version: Ventura
OS Language Setting: English (UK)

App Version

Version: 3.2.17
Application Shell: 3.2.16

Problem Description + Screenshots

Scrivener 3.3.1 (15588)


Steps to reproduce

I can’t predictably replicate this issue; it appears to happen randomly, although it only happens when I sync from Timeline to Scrivener.

The last time I experienced the crash:
I had been working in Scrivener
I flicked back to Timeline
Timeline said the sync was out of date. I ran the sync
My scrivener icon on the task bar bounced several times.
Scrivener crashed.

Tidy Up

Because this can’t be replicated easily, I’m reporting this in case other users start to experience the same issues. It’s infrequent, but happening on a daily basis.

It might be just my perception but it’s happening since the latest update.

Are you able to send through your file and Scrivener project ? If we are able to reproduce it, then we can look into what is going wrong.

Happening to my setup also.
Old 2013 MacBook Air running Catalina 10.15.7, Scrivener 3.3.1
Everything was fine before the last two updates (3.2.20), now Scrivener crashes after every sync.

Hi support, sorry it hasn’t happened for a few days but it’s just happened again. I’ll send you the timeline file.