Scrivener Sync Timeline

I synced with a scrivener project and all the scenes synced perfectly.
Only…the timeline is empty.
I was expecting to see the timeline populated with events, in the order they were in the scrivener binder and the narrative in aeon, even if each event had no duration.
But instead, I have a narrative and outline in aeon with all the events and nothing in the timeline.
Do I need to manually place all the scenes (events) in the timeline?

Events are only placed on the timeline once they have dates.

So if none of your events had dates yet, then you would have to manually place the events in the timeline, or assign dates to them via the inspector for them to appear.

If your Scrivener documents that you are syncing to do have dates set up already in custom metadata, then you can sync these across too. In your sync settings, under the Sync Properties heading, you have to assign the Start Date and End Date properties to their corresponding custom metadata values in Scrivener.

Right, so forgot to thank you.
It took me WAY too long to understand narrative vs timeline.
I got it now.