Sidebar issue?!

Hello there,

the sidebar is putting items in the wrong category for some reason. This is what I mean:

How can I fix this?!


The sidebar will also show items in a list that can be a parent of that item.
This is so you can see the grouping of your items in the side bar.

For example, if you look at the Murder on the Orient Express example timeline, when you look at the sidebar Person, you will see that it is showing the characters that are grouped under certain “Character Groups”.

The first thing to check in your case would be if the item types with the green icon are parent types on the type “Conflicts”. You can do this in Advanced Settings (Advanced Settings - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base)

If you still are having trouble working out what is going on, if you send the timeline through to us at, then we can look and see what the issue is.

Hello Jess,

thanks for your answer. I checked the Advanced Settings but it did not work. I have several different categories, such as “period”, “people”, “conflicts” and “treaties” and I noticed that the software acts like “period”, “conflicts” and “treaties” are one. Look:

I am in the “periods” category and yet it stacks treaties and conflicts in there, even though I do not wish for them to belong there.

I could send you my timeline, but it is a HUGE file.

Again, thanks!

Have a nice day!

We don’t mind if your timeline file is very big, however if it is too big to send, then it might still be helpful if you send through an empty timeline with the same template.

Save the template by going to File->Save As Template, adding a name and creator and clicking “Save”. (You can just leave the rest of the options as the default).

Then create a new timeline file with this template (it will be listed under Custom in the template list), and save this file.

This should save an empty file with the same template, so if you can send this through to us, we can see if there are any problems with it.