Size of project in Aeon?

How many objects/items can Aeon handle without becoming unresponsive?

Has this been tested?

And a related question, is there a way to se statistics for the Aeon Project, i.e. How many items of each type, total number of objects (Nodes in a graph world), total number of links/relations between items (edges in the graph world)?

Reason for Q 1 is because I was thinking about importing precompiled CSV lists of:

  • Places (Locations)
  • People,
  • Companies
  • Sources

and other objects I commonly use, but some of those lists contains thousands and tens of thousands of objects…

I Don’t worry about the file size itself, I work on workstations with fast NVME storage and 64-128GB of memory and multi-core fast CPU’s and decent GPU’s…

Some of the lists has links to either files or web sites, but any attachments or images would most likely be added manually when needed.

This is object lists that most of my projects will utilize some items from, so I was planning to add this lists to a “template project” that I could either just copy or import to new projects, to save some time typing.

Hi Jaran,
We don’t have a clear answer on this.

There is no hard limit where it will specifically fail, things will just get progressively more sluggish as the size increases.

So computing power, memory, graphics cards etc. all play a part in the answer, as does what type of objects you are putting in and what you are doing with them.

For example, thousands of events in a hierarchy with dependencies linking them all is probably going to heal slower than one thousand locations in a side list (that is usually hidden) and don’t get shown on the main displays.

There are certainly users with thousands of events where the system feels a bit sluggish but still useable… although this will be a matter of taste.

In other cases there are some users reporting the app feels sluggish on much smaller timelines, which is something I will be investigating soon.


Thanks Matt,

Then I will just test it out, since you answered what I thought would be the answer…

It would have been nice though if you at some time could add some statistics to Aeon, just some:

Total amount of items
total amount of relations
size on disk
X items of type Z
X relations of type Y

Hi Jaran,
Yes, we can try to get together some more formal metrics at some point.


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Just some ifeedback:
I run Scrivener and now Aeon 3.0.12 on a MacMini M1, 16GB RAM and 1 TB SSD + external TB-3 RAID.
Scriverne project is about 20GB and Aeon 3.0.12 file is 40MB
there are about 10.000 events and at least 1.000 Char/Arc in project.
It reacts with some hesitancy to my clicks, of course, but barring my impatience it works perfect.
The ability to have both scrivener and aeon open while syncing is a great improvement.
I check the system activity monitor for the activity of the aeonapp://editor… as long its running about 100% I’m fine, drink another cup of coffe

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Thanks for the insight and feedback…

I have a Location list with approx. 32000 locations that I want to import, and that is the “small version”, in addition I am creating a list with maybe a few thousand ports from the 1920’s-1930’s and maybe up to 1950… but 1920-30 is the primary time period for my research.
I am also in the prosess of creating a list of ships from that era, maybe as many as 10k or more, not sure yet if I only gonna be doing national ships or international ships from that era. and if I also should add Sail- or only Steam- and Motor- ships. In addition it is the crew lists, each ship had a crew of 30-40 seamen, so that will be a lot of people… and I need to register sources for all of this, if I only use newspapers, that will be some 2-8 newspaper every week, to log the ships positions/voyages…

I know the M1 is a great CPU, I use a Ryzen 9 3900X, 64GB RAM (upgradable to 128GB) and 2x 1TB NVME SSDs, one for system and software, one for workspace. I have a SATA SSD for temporary backups, and a file server in addition to some external HDDs for long time storage and backups.
Only thing I do miss is a newer GPU, I am looking for a workstation GPU, but it is not easy to get one that doesn’t cost a kidney and a half this days…
File size is actually not a physical problem for me, but it can be for AT3, it doesn’t look like it use multithreading multi-CPU, at least not on Windows… (not that many software that utilize it actually). But then again, I don’t know, because at the moment my “largest” project is about a fifth of yours, and it doesn’t use much resources at all.

So based on your experiences, I will start creating some subsets of the data I have, trying to keep the total of items under 20k-25k total for the first import, maybe.

Hi Jaran
Its many years since I used a PC / Windows solution, but I can tell you I have an iMac27-K5 quadcore 4.2 GHz with 48 GB RAM, 1TB SSD. Compared to the Mini M1, in Geekbench, the Mini is somewhat close to be twice as capable as the iMac. If I have the money I’ll get a Mini M1 MAX once it comes out.

Well aware I forced the limits of both Scrivener and Aeon 2 I nevertheless suceeded to sync a huge 65GB (34.000 documents/events) project to Aeon 2.3.16, just to see if it could. Repeating the feat on Aeon 3.0.13 did not work out in the first tries, but by syncing a smaller scrivener project, and on success adding more files to scrivener I managed to have a full Aeon 3.0.13 synced version… but even on the M1 it was too sluggish, so My experine is using my hardware, that scrivener files less than 30GB can be managed. I admit I am a bit into ust having ONE BIG haystack to search rather tham more, still I am satisfied now that I have split into 3 stacks.
Maybe this info will assist you?
Overall I am very content with the Aeon 3.0.13 compared to Aeon 2.3.16, its new and along the line the team will finetune it.

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Yeh, thanks…

I don’t use Scrivener for this type of projects, so I don’t need to think about the sync.
I do use Markdown for my research and link them to each object… so I will try to find a way to “auto-generate” those links…

I need to prepare the data for import, so it will take some time, if I remember, I will post a result here…