Some suggestions for the short label option

While doing the spreadsheet, I have the main labels of events as a short description of what happened, then add a summary for detailed description, then I add a short label as the name of the event

There are three things that I wish that I could do with it:

  1. Have the short label as column in the spreadsheet
  • Right now, ID shows the identifier rather than the short label and I would like to forgo the need to open the inspector to add a short label as it disrupts my flow
  1. Have a toggle on the item type to show the short label when selecting a relationship
  • It sorta defeats the purpose of having a short label if it’s not used when I am trying to links things with relationships. My main labels can get pretty long and thus very cluttered
  1. Have a toggle to show the short label on the timeline
  • I think this would be useful when wanting to see a more condensed timeline for events when using short labels

I’m still coming up to speed. What is the Short Label used for in Aeon? It’s not covered in the documentation.

If configured to show on the item card or view settings, the short label is used to show relationships that an event has.
For example, in Spreadsheet View, the Short Name of a character is what is shown in the column “Participant” if that character participates in the event.

Makes sense. Thanks, Jess.