Sorting and/or grouping on multi-choice list value

I think this hasn’t been implemented but I’m not sure and would like to confirm.

I have a property defined with the ‘select from list’ option. I would like to be able to sort on this value in a spread sheet view or group by this property’s value some how.

Is this possible?
Thank for any assistance.

You are able to sort Spreadsheet View based on this value, by clicking on the column heading for this property in the view.

If the column for this property does not exist in the view yet, you can add it by clicking the arrow heading next to “Label” on the far left of the view, which will give you a dropdown to pick which columns you would like to have in Spreadsheet View.

However on testing this, we have found that there currently is a bug when sorting via lists that may not list them in the correct order. The events will still be grouped together if they have the same list option, but the options themselves will not be in the correct order. I will create a ticket to pass onto our developers to fix this.

There isn’t an option to use the “Group By” functionality with list properties (like there is with entity item types like “Character”), but we can add it as a feature request.

You could also create a split screen(s) and filter each split by a different list property to view them side by side.

Thank you for getting back to me. I have been able to add the ‘select from list’ property to the spreadsheet view and, yes, when sorting, results are incorrect.

Somewhat related, if I split the view so two spreadsheets are shown, I will be able to apply a different filter to each. Did I correctly understand your answer?

Thanks again

Yes you can apply both global filters (that would apply to all windows of a split screen), or local filters (that apply different filters to each screen). You can read more about filters here: Global and Local Filters - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base