Sorting entities (Arc, Character) similar to Aeon 2

I have just updated to Aeon 3.0.21 on my mac and it works fine. One thing I hope you soon will have time to fix is the way I may show/sort the entities. As it is now they are shown somewhat random, possibly with the newest entries at the bottom of list.
Since my very large projects contains maybe 1000 entities, sorting by dragging is NOT an option I like.
Still, when I click the + sign in the Relationship part of the Inspector Panel to pick one more, all my entities are listed sorted numbers first and then alphabetical, making it easy to find the correct one, so I gather it is just a minor coding job for you to ad the useroption to sort a-z or z-a???

Kind regards

Palle Jensen


This is something that has been requested before, so is on our list of possible feature requests to implement in the future.

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I am having this challenge as well. I have a large character list that I’ve accidentally created duplicates on due to not being able to sort by the name of the entity. Good to know it’s on the map!

I have the same problem… it would be such a good and useful feature to add to a next update! Thanks in advance