Spreadsheet and update issues

Actually, I wanted to report a couple of positive points on update from the Beta.

  • The Spreadsheet issue with visible experience has been definitely improved, or I was blind originally. There are now dots on the insertion line when you move an item, so that you can see the indent level where it is going to go. This feels a good improvement, and leaves the abilities workable, on my less-than-Retina laptop screen, so thanks :wink:

  • On the beta, we could never agree that there was a real problem with updates – as in mine never would update when you pushed one, just closed the window and disappeared when it said it would.

Today I had the same experience with the purchased – and realized it hadn’t done any updates, was still on 3.07. After searching disk and resedit for errant paths, I didn’t find any that were relevant. So on a thought, I swiitched login to an admin login. Bingo. This installed 3.09 and refused 3.11 as it wasn’t registered there. I switched back logins, and then 3.11 showed, as apparently the updates were properly stacked.

The upshot of this is, I believe, that your upgrades don’t work, when we operate with a non-admin Windows (10 vy latest) login. When I do a from-downloaded-exe update, the automatic request happens to go into admin via another login’s password, and the install happens.

Until you fix this for in-app updates, I think it will function to temporarily change my normal login to be an admin login, log out, log in, and then run Aeon, asking for updates. Then go through the change to non-admin, log out, log in routine again.

As you can see this is tedious, so hopefully you can get the in-app installer to engage calling for admin privileges as it should, to avoid this issue. At the very least, it should never silently close Aeon and never do anything, which is how it has been…

Thanks, and as you see, I did purchase. Still thinking how much I actually want it involved in any of my writing, but ideas do come…!

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The in-app installer should already be calling for admin privileges, so we’re not sure why it isn’t in your case. We will keep an eye out for further reports of this issue, but I’m glad you’ve found a workaround (if somewhat tedious) in the meantime.

Just to report back, you juys indeed did fix this – updates recently arrived and self-installed with no extra needs.

Thanks, and good work :slight_smile: