Spreadsheet view for items with no chronological order


The spreadsheet view seems to be limited to items that have a chronological order. Others are simply not listed (e,g: characters, locations…).

I found a workaround by checking “chronological order” temporarily for those, do mass edit on a filtered view limited to these types, and uncheck the box later, but it’s not really convenient.

Note: The reason why I had to uncheck the box instead of leaving it checked is that it broke the sync with scrivener for these items.

Instead, it would be great to be able to display each item type as a table with their own properties only as columns. Because those are basically databases. Editing a database in a table is way more practical than from the sidebars.


You will be glad to here this is something we are looking at doing, and are currently looking at designs for it.

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Thanks Jess. Now I’ very curious and looking forward to knowing more about this :slight_smile: