Spreadsheet vs Narrative Outline

Help! I feel quite stumped by something that should probably be obvious:

I am synching my project with Scrivener. For the sake of simplicity (hah) I basically want ALL of my Aeon events to show up in Scrivener somewhere. I have created several Scrivener folders-- Story, Backstory, and Unplaced Scenes, to help me keep track.

The problem is that I started working on this project a year ago, before I arrived at that system, so I have events created in Scrivener, and in Aeon, in the Timeline and in the Narrative.

I know that all events created in the Scrivener folders I named above will show up in Aeon.
I know that ALL events in Narrative Outline will be synched with Scrivener.
I know that ALL events I create in Narrative Outline will also show up in the “Spreadsheet” view.
I know that any event I create in Spreadsheet view will NOT show up in Narrative outline (or other narrative views) unless I put it in the narrative, on purpose.

Problem: how to tell which events in Spreadsheet view (and sometimes, if they have dates, on the timeline) are not yet in any Narrative view.

The simplest way I could imagine would be to have a column in the Spreadsheet view that says something like “in narrative”-- then I could assume that if the answer was NULL, the item is not in the narrative. But as far as I can tell, that’s not possible.

The only other way I can imagine is to print out both narrative and spreadsheet and check the items off by hand. It probably doesn’t need to be stated that the whole reason I am using Aeon is so that I don’t have to do that.

I’m sure there’s a way. Can anybody help?


You can use filtering to show which events are in the narrative or not.
When you are on Spreadsheet View, if you open click on the Filter icon in the toolbar on the left (the funnel), it will open the Filter panel. Here under the heading “Narrative” you can choose “not in narrative” to only display events that are not in the narrative yet.
You can read more about filters here: Global and Local Filters - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base

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Thanks so much for this! I went off and did what you said, and then forgot to say thank you :flushed:

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