State collapse children not saved

I want to save my timeline with collapsed children but this state is not saved after I use collapse children.
Can I do something about this?

At the moment, navigational changes by themselves like collapse/expansion of parents do not trigger a save of the document, which is what you are seeing.

This is because we did not want an overload of autosave/check save messages when there wasn’t any data being added. However we realise this isn’t ideal, and will look at better ways to do this in the future.

In the meantime, a save is triggered when there is new data added, and when this occurs other states like the expansion of children are saved aswell. So next time you add/change the data in your timeline, if you collapse all your children at the same time, the state will be changed.

Thanks, maybe for the short term you can add a function ‘collapse all’?

While we don’t have a collapse all, you could select all events (Edit->Select All), and then choose the Collapse Parent Item from the View menu. This would then collapse all of the events at once.

Thanks, this is a good workaround to use before I start a new editing session.