Still no updates?

As the title says… no official announcement on anything yet? No roadmap, no planning, no nothing?


There is

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Thanks for the answer, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for. That is only a list, with almost nothing “in progress”.

Since August 2022, they said that some big announcements were coming really soon, but as of 18 November 2022, NOTHING has been said.

This is an ongoin issue (see What are the ETAs for updates? - Q & A - Aeon Timeline)

Unfortunately, it seems that the only active person at Aeon is @jess, who I thank very much for her hard work answering every question and every thread.

To me seems that PR is censored at the moment. Nothing can be said about the future of Aeon and that makes a lot of customers to worry.


I agree with this very much. I really enjoy the app and I want to really use it however with how it is right now, I’m hesitant to re-subscribe as I feel like my money isn’t going to go anywhere


Version 3.2 is being advertised as an upcoming release. I’m excited.

The public beta starts in January.

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Where can I find this information?

This information was sent out in our latest newsletter.

See below for the part about the new beta and the link to join:

Better, faster.

Version 3.2 is coming.

We’ve been working hard to bring you huge performance boosts, along with the first of many improvements to streamline the app and help make your workflow in Aeon Timeline simpler, faster, and more enjoyable.

We’ll be launching a public beta in January. Join the beta waitlist today to be the first to access new features and give your feedback.


In regards to the ongoing question about roadmaps and updates, the latest release has had a large amount of work done at the code level to improve the performance of the application. Once the beta has been released early next year we should be in a better position to release more public information about future plans and roadmaps.


I hardly can wait… it IS january now :wink: any more details on timing???

I was contemplating applying for the beta waitlist. However, the caveats described here give me pause, particularly, “It is important to note that files you open in a beta build may become incompatible with stable release builds.” I am using Aeon for a novel series and I just can’t risk it, unfortunately. It’s too bad, as I would have hoped to make a contribution as a beta user. If there were some way I could try the beta versions without such a risk, I’d be happy to.

You could start the beta version in parallel in a virtual machine (that wouldn’t be the slightest problem for your powerful computer as you described it the other day), and try out the new features on a copy of your project without working on it seriously.
Just the comparison with the running version can give useful hints for the developers.

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That is a really helpful suggestion.

I have a remaining question. I get that I can have a production version of Aeon on my native machine and a beta version on the virtual machine. But I’m not sure how to interpret this FAQ item on the signup page:

Q: Can I install both the beta and release versions on my computer?
A: No. The beta version will be applied to all installations and devices associated with your account. [Emphasis added.]

Does installing a beta version, even on another computer (or in this case, a virtual machine, which amounts to the same thing) somehow mess with the licensing of the production version I’m now using? Would it be deactivated? I tried to find a login to my Aeon Timeline online “account,” thinking that maybe I had an account page that tracked the devices on which I have Aeon Timeline installed, but there was no login that I could find.

It seems the licensing is on the honor system, so my guess is that I could put the beta in a virtual machine without in any way messing with the production version that I’m using.

But that pesky FAQ language is holding me back. Thoughts?

Edit: I’ve just submitted a support ticket to get clarification.

I can’t say for sure because I participated in the very first Aeon 3 beta test when that all wasn’t in effect. If I remember correctly, Aeon 3 Beta could be installed in parallel with the existing Aeon 2.

However, much evidence indicates that when an Aeon 3 installation is registered, a key is sent to the registration server to identify the hardware platform. Whether the VM, which sits on the same CPU as its host, is identified as an independent machine, I do not know exactly. In any case, I can’t reinstall an expired trial version of Aeon 3 on a VM.

In the best case VM and host are considered as one and the same computer for the installation.
However, a statement from the developers would be helpful (and reassuring).

The implication that the beta test applies to all installations on all devices suggests that consistency is being sought here so that there are no problems with the interoperation of one’s own installations. However, this could create problems with a VM if you use other devices.
Otherwise, you would have to try to disconnect the regular installation from the network for the time during the beta test.
But you’re right: it doesn’t seem to be that easy.

Second edit:
The longer I look at the constraints of this beta test, the more it seems like nerd stuff to me.
If you are doing serious work with Aeon 3, it might be best to just forget about it.

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I tend to agree. Though I’ve done some coding, I have to give my focus to my novel series. If the friction is too high, I don’t see how I can donate the time to help the project in this way, unfortunately.

I had to refresh myself on how licensing works. It does indeed seem to have a registration system for each app instance, accessed from inside the app. This tends to confirm my concerns. I’ll circle back if I learn anything helpful from support on this.

You are correct, if you sign up to the beta on one device, you would be signing up for all your devices. So you wouldn’t be able to run a separate version on a virtual machine as suggested.

You can opt out of the beta at any time and revert back to the released version, so any copies of your file before you signed up you will be able to go back to. However if you did this, you wouldn’t be able to access any of the changes you have made while working on the beta until the released version catches up.

Thank you for jumping in to clarify this, @jess. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join the beta program, then.

Would it be possible to have a roadmap of features that is being worked on? I really like the app and would like to subscribe once again but it’s hard to do that when I don’t know if the app is still being supported or not


Hi @jess,

I don’t recall receiving a copy of the newsletter containing info about upcoming versions and the beta. In fact, I haven’t received any newsletters or updates regarding AT3 and its future plans and beta programmes since March of last year. I have checked my newsletter subscription preferences and everything appears to be as it should.



Hi Andrew,

Sorry you have not being receiving emails, we will get someone to double check that you are on the list.