Stop labeling durations in weeks when your calendar has no concept of weeks

I’m using a fantasy calendar that has no weekdays. The knowledge base suggested I should just have one day and name it “Day”. That works but whenever I set an event duration to something like “4 days” it always immediately converts it to “4 weeks.” It’s a small thing but it really grates.

Honestly even in other projects I’d like to the ability to keep 23 days as “23 days” because for something like an overland journey that’s easier to visualize. Maybe some kind of project or calendar level global setting?


This is usual in everyday life. People choose which units they think and communicate in. Some choice ought to be available - and it shouldn’t be a fixed choice either.

Full support on this one from me…

Duration should be as calendar, fully customizable…

This is one of my most wished-for Aeon features! I’m also using a fantasy calendar where weeks are not helpful, and converting the duration from weeks to days is a big source of friction for me.

But even for people who aren’t using complicated fantasy systems, I think this would be a great feature for the reasons stated by other posters above.

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