Stop Showing Time by Default on Timeline

Is there a way to stop a time being created when making an event on the timeline? I want date and duration to be visible on the timeline but I find having the time by default always takes up too much space and have to go in and manually remove it for every event.

Any workarounds or is there a configuration option I’m missing?

Thanks for the help

Hi @Vivus

You can always choose not to show the date on the timeline view by selecting the card details icon in the bottom left of the timeline window. That will hide the date and time if you deselect it. Then when you want to show dates again you can always reactivate the setting.

The default precision when creating an event on the timeline is based on your zoom level, so if you zoom out far enough in the Timeline View, when you add an event it will be default no longer have any time.
We are looking at adding the ability to allow users to set a default precision level for adding events in the future so they don’t have to depend on the zoom level anymore.

Ah I see. Thanks @jess. And @ahansonauthor I still want to be able to see the date just not the time.