Subway view should optionally let me see events from Narrative/Outline views

Currently, Timeline and Subway views show events from the Spreadsheet view and vice versa. In crafting my novel plot, the more I work in the Narrative/Outline views, the more my story deviates from the Timeline/Spreadsheet views – by design. The more my story diverges from the Timeline/Spreadsheet views, the more misleading becomes the Subway view. A hugely useful feature would be to let us optionally show data in the Subway view from the Narrative/Outline views.

I’m getting the feeling no one likes my idea. I hear crickets!

It’s weird having a conversation with myself here. But anyway, I just noticed in the Feature Requests that my requested feature is planned. I must have missed it the first two times I iterated through. It says, “At present, only Narrative and Outline views present data in narrative order, while the rest use chronological order. This change would allow Relationship View and Subway View data to switch between showing items in chronological and narrative orders.”

A little more transparency on the progress of this and other planned features would be helpful. I have no idea of when I could reasonably expect this or other features to appear.

Hi Steve,

I missed your post and hadn’t realised you had also effectively bumped this feature request when I posted my request to hasten the adoption of narrative order in other views. Here’s hoping it is one of the upcoming features in the next beta.

It’s a real shame that the forums are so sparsely populated these days. I was definitely a more active user back in the day, before this became a more public forum post development phase. But I’d spent a good couple of years being heavily involved in discussions around version 3 and needed to focus on other productive activities, like writing.

I’ve returned to check out the lay of the land and see if more of a community feel can be encouraged. But sadly the forum remains very much a support forum (obviously a very important part of its function) and much less a community of users discussing the app, it’s uses and suggested workflows.

One of the biggest issues is a lack of developer presence and responses on the forum. This has been mentioned elsewhere. But feature requests don’t generally garner any form of acknowledgement as to viability or desirability. @jess is doing a sterling job keeping on top of most posts but she can’t be expected to reply to posts like this.

Of course dev time is precious. If we want features we can’t have devs constantly on the forums. But there feels to be a real disconnect between users and the future of the app at present. And I find it rather disquieting.

Anyway, just wanted to acknowledge your post and cure you of the sound of crickets.