Sync Existing Timeline to New Scrivener Project

Existing timeline with a bunch of stuff in it. I had a reason to create a new Scrivener project with a new hierarchy in it, and I copied all of my corresponding text blocks from one Scrivener project to the other.

I then changed the sync on the Timeline to the new Scrivener project and resynced.

Is there a way to merge the now-duplicated and decoupled events within Aeon, so I don’t have to re-enter all of my date information and other relationships?

No unfortunately there isn’t a way to merge events together in Aeon Timeline.
When you are syncing with Scrivener you can manually choose which events to sync to which documents, so if you have a backup of your Timeline file before the duplication of events, you could try to sync again using this process. This would mean that the events don’t get duplicated.