Sync from Scrivener , including "Label Color"?

I sync with scrivener and all is fine… and I just wonder if there is a way to keep the label color in scrivener in Aeon after sync?
As it is now I have one rutine in scrivener to set selected Label Colors (set in Inspector Panel bottom), and then I have to kind of recreate the visual result in Aeon, after sync.

My color vision is slightly offset I belive (red/green confused) so I tend to stick with colors that looks ‘easy’ for me… yet descrpitions are not always same in the two programmes, so if I culd just sync “my colors” it would be simplest (names means nothing for me)

I run Mac Sonoma 14.2.1 and Aeon 3.3.8


Just to clarify, are you wanting to sync the exact colour values (eg. rgb) between Scrivener and Aeon Timeline?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. If you are syncing a new colour name (it does not have a match in the other program), then it will try to pick the colour that is the closest to the original, but since the two apps use different colour palettes, the exact match may not be possible.

If a matching name already exists, then it will just match the names even if the actual colour values are completely different (eg. one is green and the other is blue).

In this case, you can set up the names and colour values that you wish to use in both Scrivener and Aeon Timeline, and then they will sync together, but I gather this is what you are doing already?