Sync Issues with new Ulysses Projects feature

Version: Aeon Timeline
Version: 3.1.8
Shell Version: 3.1.6
Opening mode: Editor
Operating System: Mac OS X 11.7.4
Device Model: MacBookPro11,1

Syncing timeline files with Ulysses since they introduced their new Projects feature is problematic. Ulysses now has a dedicated Projects section of their unified library and each project comes with its own workspace, containing Project Contents and Extras. Think of these as Draft and Research areas much like Scrivener has.

When selecting folders with which to sync Aeon Timeline data, hovering over the project name does not always provide the drill down context menu showing the available groups within each Project. In fact, it seems to only show every other Project’s groups. So, Project A, Project C and Project E will show available groups, whilst B, D, F do not provide a drill down menu. On occasion, the order of this will change. Also, when trying to sync other folders, such as Characters, Locations and Story Arcs, Aeon cannot locate the groups I have set up for these within the Extras section of the project in Ulysses.

I suspect that this is due to differences in the way Ulysses handles Projects in its library and that Aeon Timeline has not yet integrated these changes.

  • Are you able to reproduce this bug reliably?
    Yes. This behaviour is consistent.

  • Can you make this bug happen with a clean timeline file?

  • Does it only happen with a specific timeline file?

Thanks for reporting this.

We are aware of some issues with syncing with the new Ulysses project feature, and have a fix for this which will be available in the next beta release.

Brilliant. Thank you Jess.


Is this still an issue? I updated Aeon for the year to plan for NaNo, but can’t get it to sync properly with my Ulysses project.

Many thanks.

Hi Ben,

Welcome to the forum. I’m not currently experiencing any issues with syncing between Ulysses and Aeon. Although I’m not syncing Characters and Locations in my current project, and it is a while ago now that I set the syncing up for this project. But the Content section works without a hitch. And the offset folder issue I mentioned above seems to have been fixed. What is the problem you are experiencing exactly?


Sorry for the delay replying, been looking after poorly kids all week.

I’m going to rewind and work through the syncing advice bit by bit. The issue I was having was with ‘Projects’ particularly. It seemed to sync absolutely everything in iCloud and the Projects title were greyed out.

I’ll give it another go over the coming week. :slight_smile: