Sync with Scrivener sligthly peculiar, sometimes!

Still working on my rather large project. After first sync the ‘Updating’ was followed by yet another sync, even nothing was added in Scrivener by me! When I looked in Aeon I realised that in some entries the ‘character’ was added twice!!! as separate characters (BOTH named John Doe).

  1. Why does Aeon not recognice the ‘sameness’ ??? They are treated as two different, because I could give them separate colors :slight_smile:

  2. NOW there were ALSO dublets in Scrivener!!! Deleting one in scrivener did NOT remove any in Aeon. But if I removed one in Aeon it was removed in Scrivener upon sync.

  3. If I entered a different character in Scrivener instead of deleting the existing, then this new was synced to Aeon, replacing the previous. (Entering a ‘space/blank’ is not accepted as a valid character).

  4. It would be extremely practical if Character and Arc could be sorted by a clickoption. As I experience it it is all a huge random mess, with the newest items placed at the bottom of the list. I have hundreds of these entries, so easy sorting will be welcome.


This morning, I followed a hunch, and tried the same thing out using Aeon 2.3.16 . (on a smaller project).
In scrivener I added ‘John Doe’ twice as Author and synced. Aeon 2.3.16 created only one instance of ‘John Doe’, and on syncing back to Scrivener, the excess entry was stripped. This is how my logic says it should be.
After this I took the full Scrivener project and synced it to Aeon 2.3.16 … after resync I felt confident that no exces entries were left and finally I created a new Aeon 3.0.12 version that I synced with the big scrivener project. Luckily there were no hickups during that sync, so now I am back on track, more or less… hope the tracks get fixed soon.


A character shouldn’t be created twice in Aeon Timeline when syncing from Scrivener, unless there is a typo or something similar somewhere in the names. I’m glad you got it working again, but if you have steps to follow that can reproduce this, then we would like to know so we can look into how it happened.