Syncing Character Properties to Scrivener

I find Character Properties/Properties (Nickname, Gender, Occupation) in Aeon Timeline 3 useful, but when I sync with Scrivener, only Character Properties Summary transfers over.

I’m assuming syncing the other stuff is not possible and I’ll just have to copy and paste that material into Character Synopsis or Notes in Scrivener?

You should be able to sync Character properties (eg. Nickname) to Scrivener where they will appear as Custom Metadata. The only issue with properties like these is that every document in Scrivener will have to contain the custom metadata property, even if it is not relevant (eg. your documents in your manuscript would also contain a custom metadata type called “Nickname”)

Are these options set up to sync on your current project? Open Sync Settings (the cog on the Sync binder), click Show Options and navigate to the “Show Properties” menu. What is shown in the dropdown next to those properties on these page? Do they say “None” or something else? If they say None, then you need to choose an option from the dropdown to list for what you want to sync to. If they don’t say None, and then the data that you are trying to sync isn’t coming through to this location in Scrivener, then there may be a bug. If you could email your timeline and Scrivener project to, then we can look into it further.

Jess, the fault is mine; I didn’t have Character (and Place) selected in the first place. Once I selected them (and closed are relaunched Aeon), the Show Properties menu appeared.

The metadata is showing up in Scrivener just fine now.

Many thanks for your reply!