Syncing dates with Scrivener

I am currently using the trial copy of AT3 on an Intel Mac OSX 12.4 and I’m trying to sync with Scrivener 3.2.3. The sync is with an existing project and there are many sections arranged in scrivener under folders for each chapter. Most of the sections have a custom metadata item that is a date. I would like to populate this date as the start date for AT3.
When I setup sync, I use the draft folder for the narrative, but the choices I am given for the start date are ‘none’ or ‘create new’. There is not option to select the ‘start date’ custom metadata from my file.
When I sync the project, the start and end date is blank, although the full narrative structure is pulled across successfully.
Have I misunderstood how this is supposed to work?



Hi Mike,

I have also replied to your email about this issue with a couple of suggestions.
A couple of things could cause this:

  1. You need “Ignore time zones changes” ticked in Scrivener for your Date custom metdata
  2. You need to have no BC dates in your timeline
  3. You also need to be using the standard calendar (not a custom one).

As you were unable to select this custom metadata field to sync to, this is why no dates are syncing to your events.